Culture Jam was held at The Ellis School on November 18. There was a good turnout because many schools were invited such as Shady Side Academy, Central Catholic High School, The Kiski School, and Winchester Thurston School. Attendees participated in three workshops each, all which were student-run by Ellis students and visitors from other schools. Some of the workshops available were Body Image: How we view ourselves, Aro, Pan, That’s Just What I Am, FeMENism: Feminism vs. Meninism, and Talking politics: Why are we so terrified?.
Although Culture Jam is a recurring event at Ellis, reactions from students were varied. During the icebreaker activity in the morning, Amyjhnai said she “was looking forward to learning about different things and different aspects of everyone’s culture”. Joe was also excited because he “only heard good things about [Culture Jam]”. Two seniors from Central Catholic High School enjoyed the political workshop the most. Tony said “It was good to see everybody’s feelings about [the election] and know that some people do not feel the same way as me.” Joey felt the workshop was “a little one-sided at times”. In order to have more diverse opinions, he suggested inviting people from other places. Overall, Culture Jam was successful in allowing students to respectfully share their thoughts and educate others.