The first trimester ended November 10th, and students reviewed their experiences in an anonymous survey. Students shared highlights of the trimester including meeting new friends, playing sports, enjoying senior privileges, learning from nice teachers, and liking all of their classes. Some of the faculty’s favorite parts of the 1st trimester were seeing students again and getting to know new students.

Students and faculty also described some of the negatives of the 1st trimester. Students said that the work could be difficult at times, the transition from summer to school was challenging and handling college decisions and applications was stressful. Faculty members said it was hard scheduling assignments, and being uncertain of what was to come at the beginning of the year. Despite some of the hardships, the majority of students and faculty described the 1st trimester as good.

In addition to the survey, newspaper staff interviewed students about their experiences. Abby Busis, Senior, told the newspaper staff that the best moment of the 1st trimester was “Applying to college and winning WPIALS”. In addition, Abby’s goal was to “not add to the collective stress of [the senior class] and balance social life and school better”. When asked if she completed this goal, Abby said, “Kind of have but not very well”. When asked to share the best moment of the 1st trimester, Yael Perlman, Junior, said that it was “When I got an A on my English paper”. Yael continued to say, “My goal was to not procrastinate and I think I have been doing a pretty job job of that”.