We have a secret student council dance to look forward to in the upcoming Ellis Idol. Ellis Idol is a talent show where Ellis students can display any kind of talent.The judges this year will include Mr.Rauhala, The Physics Teacher; Mr. Malmstrom US History Teacher; Dr. Corbecaro Chair of the History Department, US Coordinator and Global Initiatives; and Mrs. Yam, US Math Teacher.

Some performances that will be showcased during Ellis Idol, include  “a surprise student council act” said Sophomore Leah Ewers. In addition to the student council’s mysterious performance,  Simone Rothstein said that the swim team will most likely be performing the internet famous song of a cat saying “cat, I’m a kitty cat, and a meow, meow, meow, and a meow, meow, meow.” Another act will feature Annie Trimbur, Freshman.  Annie said that she and a group of her friends will be will be doing a “collaboration of holiday songs mixed into one mashup song.” Leah also said that watching the performances “are really fun if people participate” and Sophomore Erica Davis said that “it will be hilarious.”