The art students and teachers of Ellis prepare for the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards of 2017, which is a program presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers to identify students with artistic and writing talent and present their work to the world. Many students from all 4 different areas of the Art department are including their work. Clay student, Alena Lateef, is sharing her work from eighth grade of a girl playing the piano called “Recital”. Studio student, Katherine Ference, is submitting a mixed media piece called “Fluid Motion” using both paint and vinyl. Ms. Moldovan, the Upper School Studio teacher, spoke about the importance of a nationwide competition like Scholastics Art Award. Moldovan said, “It’s a chance  for all students to be in competition for visual arts. The experience of putting your work out there is not a small feat, it takes courage to put work out in front of a jury just like it takes courage to go out in other types of competitions. But we’re always proud and encourage the fact that students participate”

The due date for our region is January 6th, 2017