The weeks before Winter Break tend to be stressful for students at The Ellis School. As a sophomore, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of tests and projects. Rebecca Moran-Scoratow (sophomore) says “You can’t have a social life anymore because if you do you won’t get a good grade”. Louis Finnstrom (sophomore) adds “If you do an extracurricular activity, you have even less time”. Students are struggling with balancing schoolwork and activities outside of school.

Students offer suggestions to teachers about the increased workload before breaks. Rebecca says “Give us more time to work on projects”. Hannah Wheeler (junior) also suggests “It would be better if there were [tests] before the last two weeks”. Lauren Jasper is “looking forward to next Friday when it’s all over”. There are also some effective ways to cope with stress. Raleigh Mechling (sophomore) says “do something for twenty minutes like take a nap or call a friend”. Olivia Strickland (sophomore) says “I take a shower and try to make a plan for my week”. Ashley Priore (junior) focuses on “being organized, staying on top of work and getting enough sleep”. Although winter break will compensate for the stress now, the weeks before spring break may be just as difficult.