Seussical The Musical was the fourth-grade play that was performed the last week before winter break. The play’s main roles were given to the fourth graders, but also included all of the lower school grades and the preschoolers, that would come on the stage to perform one song. The play was centered around the story Horton Hears a Who, with the three narrators who are each dressed up as the cat in the hat.

The director of this production was the lower school music teacher, Mrs. Crosby. When preparing for the show she taught the fourth graders a certain song that they would perform during the first week of October, which was audition week.  Then, a week after auditions, she taught each grade the song that they would perform during music class. Two weeks before the performance dates, they put together the script and songs. Also, the third and fourth graders learned their dances within their dance class.  There were four shows that the fourth graders put on. The first one was on Tuesday the 13th when they showcased it to over 200 preschoolers around Ellis. The second and third one was on Wednesday and Thursday, which was performed for the parents.Upper and middle school saw the last one which was on Friday.

Mrs. Crosby also said that they had performed Seussical Jr. 6 years ago. This version was longer and had a couple different songs. “But this version was perfect and came out just this fall,” Mrs. Crosby said. Another new addition to this play was that the light and sound boards were taken out of the closed booth where they normally lay. The two people that ran them were Mr. Fagersten and Mrs. Nolen, the fourth-grade teachers.  These teachers were the only ones that run the performance during the live show. However, there were many people that contributed to the stage and preparation of the show. When asked about her opinion on the performance she said, “They’re all good, I mean I think every fourth grader really steps up to their role [and] I couldn’t be able to compare it to [past] year shows.”

As a student that has been through this thrilling yet scary experience, I can say that I enjoyed this play a lot because it reminded me of how much effort these kids put into their show. All of the songs were performed well especially since I could understand what they were saying. Also, all of the actresses showed their personalities on stage. I was surprised at how they projected their voices since they are kids. The songs were one of my favorite parts since each grade was on the stage performing their hearts out wearing little costumes. Although the storyline was good, it was mostly centered around Horton Hears A Who. Other Dr. Seuss stories were not included in Seussical. These fourth-grade plays just keep getting better.