Overall, the 2016 Ellis Idol was definitely more interesting than that of 2015.  The performers were talented and the judges never failed to make the audience laugh.  

The opening performer was Phoebe Brown, a freshman, who soloed Burn from the infamous musical Hamilton and was awarded the newcomer’s prize.  

One of my favorite performances was student council’s parody of Mariah Carey’s Christmas Bop, which they cleverly titled All I Want for Christmas are A’s.  It was very amusing, and I can definitely relate to their plea for better grades.  I sure do agree with what the student council’s message was — school is hard on all of us students, and sometimes we deserve a higher GPA than we have.  

The performance closed with seniors Pallavi Muluk, Jordyn Tomlin, and Katelin Brandegee, who performed a rendition of Ruth B’s Lost Boy.  They also won a prize, and I sure think they deserved it, being that this was their final performance in Ellis Idol.