Quite a lot of people are greatly inconvenienced when the winter weather hits.  Traffic is terrible as the roads are icy and dangerous, and people have to take time out of their day to shovel their driveways.  Parents have to worry about who will watch their kids when they have to go to work on a 2-hour delay day.  In addition, there is always the usual round of complaints from everyone about how cold their feet and hands are.  

However, I, for one, happen to think that snow is a beautiful thing.  To me, it is the true mark of the winter season, which puts me in a great mood.  My favorite type of snow is the kind that comes down in big, fluffy clumps and builds up on top of houses, sidewalks, tables, cars, etc.  I am convinced that my appreciation of snow is so strong because I was born in a blizzard.  I just love to load on lots of layers of clothing and spend time outside.  

While you may blame your flu on the weather, studies have shown that bundling up and going outside actually helps work disease agents out of your nose, which is why you might sniffle a lot in the winter.  Your bad cold is more likely caused by indoor heating systems because central heating makes it easier for viruses to enter your nose.  So, think again next time you blame your bad mood on the blizzard!