Sisterhood had an open meeting on January 13, 2017, during lunch time in the Biology Lab. During this meeting, Junior LemLem Gamble and Sophomore Amani Barnes gave a presentation about “White Feminism.” This meeting grabbed the attention of almost half of the high schoolers, as the room was completely filled. The presentation talked about what “white feminism” meant, and how much it affects people of race. I am also a person of race, and I never had once heard of “white feminism.” This presentation opened my eyes out to the different types of support an argument can have. For example, people might be petitioning about how Hollywood actress are not getting paid enough money as the actors when in reality, people of race are not even qualified as an A-list celebrity and are not even paid as much as a white actress. LemLem and Amani proved their purpose in the presentation and answered all of the questions professionally. I really enjoyed this meeting, and I can’t wait for the next one.