This year’s Scholastic Writing Awards were:

  • Lela Krackow: honorable mention, silver key, and gold key
  • Erica Davis: honorable Mention
  • Louise Finnstrom: honorable mention
  • Ashley Priore: honorable mention
  • Yumika Amemiya: Gold key.

Since Lela Krackow was recognized many times, I decided to interview her since I think we all could use some of her writing expertise.

She said her interest in writing started when she was young, so in third grade, she had a writing tutor named Meg. Lela “wrote [the compositions for Scholastics]with [her] teacher.” Sadly her teacher moved to LA so to communicate with her Lela has “Google hangouts with her.” Lela said that she develops her skill in writing by reading “a lot of different experimental poetry.”

She has been “working on developing those pieces [for Scholastics] through the fall.” When commenting on her experience she said that “ It was really fun to write them, it was kind of stressful like getting down to the editing process and finalizing something, because you never feel like it’s finished, but it was really fun and I was really excited because Scholastic recognised some of my more abstract pieces so I was really excited about that.”

And her last piece of advice is that “If you are interested in writing definitely find other writers that interest you to draw inspiration from and have others read your work