• You can’t think your way into finding your life purpose; you have to do your way into it. Take a mental note from Nike and Just Do It.  Tip for success: try clearly defining what you want to accomplish.



  • Get serious with yourself. But remember, if you’re afraid to fail, even Leonardo Da Vinci scrapped a solid amount of his own creations (a lot of his “inventions” simply didn’t work). If he was allowed to fail, so are you.  Tip for success: try breaking up big goals or assignments into little chunks.



  • Why not look beyond yourself to do some good in the community? Then the good in the world will become more obvious. Things are sure to get more interesting for you.  Tip for success: If you’ve got a lot you want/need to do, try listing it all in order of priority.



  • If you feel your life needs more meaning, then you should do something for yourself. Doing this will help you, and the answers will become more clear. Drill down into the details of your latest problem or issue — you are sure to find that things aren’t so bad.  Tip for success: Try scheduling your most important stuff early in the day.



  • If you have any big plans coming up, then consider taking the advice of someone who knows you, but that you’re not all that close with. Don’t do anything you’ll regret for the rest of your life.  Tip for success: try setting some ground rules for when you check your email, apps, and social media.



  • It’s okay to let go of the past in favor of a new, better future. The way to start is by thinking globally about the issue and accepting that this is what’s best for everyone. You know in your heart what’s right, so maybe don’t put it off any longer.  Tip for success: try politely saying “no” more often.



  • If you think your place in the world is uncertain, then study it out and do the right thing. Understand that not every fork in the road has a clear better path. Nobody is going to tell you what to do.  Tip for success: try writing stuff down all the time.



  • If you think you’re spending too much time slacking, you might be wise to weigh all your options. Hesitate if you must, but know that sometimes things don’t go your way.  Tip for success: try saving some time to yourself for when you’re dealing with setbacks.



  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life. To start, be grateful for what you’ve got.  Don’t waste time being tense, but watch out for slacking.   Tip for success: try not to obsess over everything being perfect.



  • If it feels like time to make a change in your life, whether big or small, then go for it. If this is something you’ve already committed to, then your decision has already been made.  Tip for success: try finding some role models who motivate you.



  • Today is a day as good as any other. Let today be the start of a new life for you.There’s no reason to believe you should wait to make these decisions.  Tip for success: take mindful breaks instead of just marathon-ing through a task.



  • The more we act, the more we get clear on things. So instead of overthinking it, start taking steps toward your goals and start trying new things. This will help you get out of your own way.  Tip for success: reward yourself for when you actually do the work.