The Ellis School’s Semi is on Friday, February 24th at the Ace Hotel from 7:30 to 10 pm. Tickets are $25 if bought before the dance. Student Council President, Abby Stubenhofer (senior), says that she decided to have the dance on Friday instead of Saturday since it would be easier for many students. Those who live farther away can stay at Ellis after school to get ready. Only The Kiski School, our brother school, is invited because there is a 150 person limit. Tickets can be bought at the door for $30 if the 150 limit is not full. Some positive changes have been made to improve Semi. There will be food available and a surprise DJ will be playing a playlist of songs requested by students.

Lauren Jasper (sophomore) thinks the price of the tickets is expensive, but acknowledges that having the dance at the Ace Hotel instead of our school cafeteria requires more money. She says “I’m excited, but I’m worried [that] there won’t be anyone there!” Ellis is a small school and the person limit creates the challenge of getting enough people to attend the dance to have the possibility of meeting new people. This can be solved if people bring friends from other schools and students from Kiski come.

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