The Sophomores won this year’s annual EAA Volleyball Tournament, 27 to 18, against the Ellis staff and faculty team. The match occurred on February 15, 2017, during lunch time, with the majority of the Ellis Upper School in attendance. Although the Ellis Faculty and Staff put up a good fight, in the end, the Sophomores were victorious.

The faculty team was made up of Ms. Delaney, Ms. Yam, Mr. Israel, Mr. Bryner, Ms. Moldovan, Mr. Gaddess, Mr. Rauhala, Mr. Howard, and Ms. LaRoche. The sophomore team, Operation Overhand, included Sydney Baldwin, Leah Ewers, Katherine Ference, Amelia Rosenstock, Erica Davis, Becca Rust, and Sierrah Brandegee.

The match started out by both team members running through a banner for pre-game hype.  The sophomore players proved very coordinated, all wearing white shirts. There was also quality entertainment beyond the game: Mr. Israel wearing his tie as a bandanna and doing laps through the crowd while waiting to get back into the game, Ms. Moldovan and her dancing skills, Mr. Brynner with his impressive reflexives, Mr. Howard and his tendency to slide on the ground, Ms. Yam almost getting trampled after losing her balance, and of course, Mr. Gaddess’ crazy good spike.

“The game was fun and intense,” said spectator Dory Johnson (sophomore). “It was a very entertaining sporting event!”

Also on the Sophomore side, we can all agree that we don’t want Becca Rust to get another concussion, and we applaud all of them on their high level of professionalism at Volleyball. The game was fierce and lasted about 10 minutes.  According to Coach McConnell, the sophomores have never won a volleyball match, which made the game even more worthwhile to watch. And Mr. Israel’s final claim, justifying the loss was,”Yeah the Sophomores technically won, but everyone who came out are the real winners!”