On February 7th, 2017, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Secretary of Education. Mrs. DeVos is an advocate of the controversial charter school education system.


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From Betsy DeVos’ twitter @BetsyDeVos

Public charter schools are considered a system that provides students with educational choice. Admission to these schools is open to all students via a lottery system. However, charter schools are hard to regulate by government rules. In addition, charter schools that span K-12  underperformed compared to their public school counterparts. In addition, racial division is a problem for charters.  Studies have shown that black charter school students are twice as likely to attend a racially isolated (90-100% POC) charter.


In Pennsylvania, charter schools have been heavily criticized. In 2014, it was shown that 1 in 6 PA charter schools is considered high performing. In addition, charter schools in PA serve a low special education student population In Pittsburgh, over 200 students protested Mrs. DeVos’ newly stated position. The students marched to Senator Patrick Toomey’s office in order to voice their discontent of his decision to support of DeVos.

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