The kickball tournament is here! It’s time to show the school which advisory triumphs over the others and can win the desired tournament trophy.

The schedule goes as follows:

2/27 Game 1: Scott/Bryner vs. Adler

2/28 Game 2: Rauhala vs. Israel

3/1 Game 3: Wadsworth vs. Malmstrom/Redcay

3/2 Game 4: Holtgraver vs. Corbesero

3/6 Game 5: winner of G1 vs. Sturdevant/Sullivan

3/7 Game 6: winner of G2 vs. Yam

3/9 Game 7: winner of G3 vs. Gaddess

3/1o Game 8: Winner of G4 vs. Dotson

3/14 Game 9: winner of G6 vs. winner of G7

3/15 Game 10: winner of G5 vs. winner of G8

3/17 Game 11: winners of G9 and G10

May the odds be ever in your favor…