At Ellis, every other Wednesday is set aside for different classes. EOW is a controversial topic because some students would like to change the schedule. As a sophomore, the main thing I would change about EOW is the three hour period of Culture In Context. I think that the class is meaningful to have, but focusing for three hours straight is too long. One solution to this would be to either shorten the Culture in Context period or split the time up, having half before lunch and half after. Other than that part of the day, I enjoy the assemblies because they are diverse and entertaining. I also appreciate how we are assigned to Tech Shop, Wood Building, or Computer Science, and switch each term. This allows us to learn a variety of skills that are used outside of the classroom.

Freshmen are offered some different classes. They have architecture or sex education with Sam Bushman, voice and vision, and health or public speaking. Kay Fleischner (freshman) is in favor of EOW because “Getting a dress down day is good.” In addition to having a dress down day, students would agree with Isi Hammer’s (sophomore) suggestion that school should begin later on EOW so students can sleep in. As teenagers, we need an average of nine hours of sleep to function at our best. Most teenagers only get seven hours of sleep a night due to homework and other after-school activities. Allowing students to sleep in on EOW and splitting up the three hour period would be helpful.