Ice cream brings many delights, but sometimes it is hard to find a place that has the quality that you are looking for. My father and I, were one day searching for a new place for ice cream. We came across a place named Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company. It opened up in 2011, and although it is known for its chocolates, we found out that their ice cream is legendary.

The red velvet and birthday cake ice cream were even better than the milkshake factory. This is because first when you walked into the shop, you would not expect how good the ice cream was, so the surprise of it made the ice cream ten times better. Next, since that was a more local place, the ice cream is more special since not many people know about it. The milkshake factory is great, don’t get me wrong, but since they have to serve many people, the ice cream quality can sometimes differ. Finally, the milkshake factory’s customer service can be often rushed unlike Sinful Sweets, who gives very large portions and has great customer service.
Tasting Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company’s ice cream is like finding out you have a dead rich relative that just gave you all of their money.