(France – April 24) – Emmanuel Macron faces Marine Le Pen in the final round of French presidential election — “It’s a political earthquake,” says veteran French journalist Christine Ockrent.  Defeated candidates François Fillon and Benoît Hamon rally behind Macron against far-right Le Pen.

(April 22) – March for Science — Organizers say more than 600 marches took place worldwide.  The protests are billed as being political but nonpartisan.

(Australia – April 22) – 12-year-old boy drives 800 miles across Australia – The young driver was trying to cross the vast country solo when he was stopped by police in Broken Hill, New South Wales, who approached him because there was some slight damage to the vehicle’s rear.

(France – April 20) – shooting on Champs-Elysées – One police officer and an attacker were killed at the popular tourist attraction.

(US – April 18) – an Atlas V rocket at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station lifts off (Cape Canaveral, Florida) – Loaded with thousands of pounds of supplies and equipment, it is going to the International Space Station (ISS).

(US – April 18) – Facebook murder video suspect kills himself – Cleveland murder suspect Steve Stephens randomly killed Cleveland resident, Robert Godwin. On Tuesday, Stephens, who was being chased by police, shot himself.

(US – April 19) – O’Reilly is officially out – The conservative host’s collapse was sudden and abrupt, initiated by news of an extent of sexual harassment complaints against him.