1. University of Pitt students were forced to move out of their rental apartments in the Oakland section of the Pittsburgh Athletic Association due to water and electricity shut-offs. This has proved to be a troubling time for the university students with finals approaching in 2 weeks.
  2. In Rostraver County, PA, one person died in a small plane crash at the Rostraver Airport. Authorities said that the cause of the plane crash was an abrupt change in wind direction. The pilot was not able to regain control. When the plane crashed, the victim wasn’t able to get out of the inflamed plane.
  3. Findlay Township, Pa in Clinton County,  politicians unanimously voted for medical marijuana growing processing facility. Frank Zappala, Sweetwater Pharmacognosy chief facilities director,  said, “The greenhouse will be 24,0000 square feet, with the additional 8,000 square feet used for the manufacturing process, and office space”
  4. Mayor Bill Peduto just announced the “Safe Water Plan”, which is a plan made to provide $1 million dollars worth of free water filters to every customer of the Pittsburgh water and sewer authority. The plan was made to provide a temporary solution for the high levels of lead in Pittsburgh”s water that will take over a decade of fixing.
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins begin their first game of the playoffs against the Columbus Bluejackets. Penguins won 3-1.