(May 5, 2017) China launches their first domestical jet, which is called the C919 jet. The test flight was broadcasted live across China.

(May 7, 2017) The fourth American citizen had been detained in Seoul, South Korea.

(May 7, 2017) Politician Emmanuel Macron won over candidate Marine Le Pen for the election of the French president. BBC claimed that Macron is the youngest French leader since Napoleon Bonaparte.

(May 8, 2017) Isis infiltrates the Al Rukban Refugee Camp, which has 80,000 inhabitants. These people are trapped in the middle of nowhere within the Middle East. There are multiple gun battles and bombs which lead many of the citizens to acquire horrible burns.

(May 8, 2017) The floods within Canada are forcing citizens to evacuate. Especially in Montreal and Quebec.

(May 10, 2017) President Donald Trump fired the FBI Director, James Comey, who was investigating Trump about the Russian interference within last year’s election. Comey was not told he was fired, he found out when he turned on the TV.